After my Red Stag gig, I hustled off to Flint Hill Farms family event. I’ve been glad to add my skills to these spring and fall open farm events: wagon rides, farm animals and a set or two of music in the barn.

I had booked an earlier set here but the paying gig at the bar took precedent; the best I could do was a 1:30 set at the end of the day. I was detained with my burger-to-go from the Red Stag but got to the farm around 2 pm. As I found out, all of the musical acts had fallen out due to many circumstances, so I was the only music for the weekend.

Though there were only a few folks in the barn, I launched in to my good stuff. A young family with a toddler and an infant joined in as well as some grand folks and their granddaughter and grandson hung out with some great interaction. Another mom with her young daughter danced and sang with me. As I told the women handling the hot dogs nearby, I don’t care about the size of the crowd but the richness of the small interactions. That’s where the pedal meets the metal for me.

I got some cheese and a pulled pork sandwich out of the deal. A very good ending to four days of workshops, festivals, farmers’ markets, winery’s and family farm gigs. Oh, and lots of miles on the road. The new week opens up with little to do. I appreciate the times when I’m busy.

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