1. Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning
  2. Ten Men
  3. How Legends Are Made
  4. Giants
  5. The Crawl
  6. Lessons from Pete
  7. Louise
  8. Giant
  9. Rosie is a Friend of Mine
  10. The Baby Smokers
  11. False From True

Dave Fry’s latest folk album “Troubadour” is a polished and mature collection of Dave’s current repertoire, featuring blues, old-school country, folk rock, and Celtic music, as well as original songwriting and Americana styles. Along with Dave’s original music, other songwriters include Pete Seeger, John Gorka, David Mallett, Tommy Sands and Stan Rogers.

Erik Balkey (Hudson Harding Music – folk radio promoter):  “Each song has a different tempo and feel … with great engaging vocal performances.”

The Longest Night of the Year

  1. Cool Yule
  2. Cool Yule

I have a Christmas tune – “Cool Yule” by Louis Armstrong, featuring trombonist Rob Stoneback – on a new two-disc compilation called “The Longest Night of the Year: Volume One.” There are 32 folk artists, including Christine Lavin, Noel Paul Stookey, Suzzy Roche, Carolann Solebello, David Roth and others, included on this nationally distributed holiday project. I have a limited number available here on my website, at my gigs and at Godfrey Daniels.


  1. Playground
  2. Jimalong Joe
  3. Finger in the Air
  4. Skip to My Lou
  5. Three Slow Snails
  6. Friends of Mine
  7. Giants
  8. The Gnu Song
  9. The Happy Shark
  10. Rosalie, Where Are You Going?
  11. Jelly in the Dish
  12. Jump Rope Mashup
  13. Figure It Out
  14. All Around the Kitchen
  15. The Tutti Tah
  16. Shoo That Fly

Dave Fry’s “Playground” is just that: a sonic playground complete with musical hopscotch, hoops, a sand box, jump ropes, and swings. With a crackerjack ensemble of great friends and studio players, “Playground” celebrates kids-based music traditions with jump rope rhymes, play songs, and curious ditties — all set to bluegrass, folk, rock ‘n’ roll, and R&B, and all with snappy arrangements and engaging performances.


  1. Blue Heartland
  2. July
  3. The Jig’s Up
  4. Skewball
  5. Me and Martin Growing Old
  6. Shee Beg Sheemore
  7. Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse
  8. Good Noise
  9. Foxglove
  10. Bird of Paradise
  11. The Reel Thing
  12. Feathers on the Wind

Dave’s adult album (or for kids that have grown real tall), with folk, blues, Celtic instrumentals and more, with Kevin and Nick and many other backup musicians. Gathered from both traditional and contemporary folk music sources.