I headed over to Hellertown for my first SVFM of the season at a new site near the public library. This is one of the nicest markets that I play at, with a great staff and a wide variety of good vendors. I got set up under a pop-up tent in the middle, and, as usual, played unplugged. I had spent some time the day before preparing a list of all my current songs so I could have something in front of me so I could call on songs that needed work. These sessions are a great way to stay in shape, both repertoire and chop-wise.

It was a sunny day for a change and I plowed right in. Having played at a farmers’ market in CT, it was a delightful change to have folks toss in a buck right away. What a difference! I ended up with a CD sale to a woman who took guitar lessons from me decades ago who made a difficult walk to hear me play, and I gave away a CD to a girl in a pink tutu celebrating her birthday. One boy hung out for two hours playing every instrument I had with me. The quality of the interactions was spectacular and the time flew by.

Now, it’s off to two sets at Ag Hall in Allentown for the PA Music and Arts Celebration. This was a good way to start my day.