It’s been a while since I played at this comfy bistro in the quaint sliver of a community in Berks County. It’s perched along a gorge/creek, with an inn, some hiking trails and this little St. Peter’s Bakery. Friday is pizza night, so the place fills up with folks, friends, bottles of wine and some live music. I have friends who play here: Mike Holliday and Ed McKendry. 

I actually got there ahead of time, for a change. It’s 75 minutes from Bethlehem, and it’s always a Friday night so I tend to make it in the nick of time. I set my small amp (vocal/guitar) for the first time here and it worked out great in this small room. I got my coffee and launched into I Can See Clearly Now and Here Comes the Sun and pretty much hit the ground running. That felt real good.

I put new strings on the Mahogany Martin and I had a great time banging on my new guitar, leaning into the songs. Although there were some chatty tables, some folks listened intently (tip o’ the hat to Table 1!) and applauded even for the obscure stuff. I did The Irish Ballad a Capella and the room dropped to a whisper. Remarkable. It’s a big hit here. Afterwards I commented that why should I bother playing an instrument with this response on a unaccompanied song.

The time went quickly and, by the time I looked at my stage watch, I only had a half hour left. Time’s fun when your’e having flies. Few screw-ups. dude!

I got paid in a pizza and a pastry and a fairly good haul in my tip case for this place. As I drove back through these familiar country roads, I put on the most recent tracks from Troubadour and listened to my friends’ efforts to support my music. Phat. Who are these people?

The home circuit ain’t too bad for a Friday in January. Tomorrow, the studio and Godfrey’s. Like I said, Phat!