My friend Angela Reese invited me to return to this small day center in Hellertown. The weather was iffy so we stayed inside for this one. It was a mixture of ages so I had my job cut out to engage the older girls and the toddlers at the same time. Phew.

Since masks are required inside, I did the show with a mask, which is always a bother, but so it goes. We’re all in this together. The kids warmed up easily and Thunder Tubes always gets the older kids to step up. I Like Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, I Wanna Be a Dog, Giants, and then I broke out the bag for Names of the Animals (shakers), Down By the Bay (puppets) and finished with Jelly in the Dish (scarves).

At the end we talked about what the kids and the teachers liked (reflection). The teachers like the scarves and the rhyming in Down By the Bay.

It was a good hour’s set and I drove away satisfied and pleased to play locally.

Angela posted these pictures on FB and added: “As always, you’re the BEST, Dave Fry! Everyone, teachers included, had SO much fun today! Without a doubt, you definitely make this world a happier place! ??