One of my local farmers’ markets kicked off their Saturday series of markets and I was asked to help with the festivities. The area has been refurbished and some old and new vendors were there. It was a beautiful day, as well.

I found a nice central area to work from, among the various vendors and I got started at 9:30 am. The place was quite active, and I believe that it was because of the lifting of the Covid protocols, the great weather and a lot of cabin fever. The energy was evident.

I started working with some of the kids that stopped by, playing with instruments from the open bag of shakers. As usual, a nice variety of toddlers, as well as some preteens as well. The interaction was rich and the vendors surrounding me picked up on it, as well. (I got some hurrahs from some as I was packing up to go home.


I was pulling in $5 tips along with the usual $1 ones, and I had a record haul of around $90, with a few CD sales thrown in. Great conversations along the way with a jazz drummer, a fellow TA artist who wants to do a video shoot from my kitchen, and numerous interactions with kids.

A great day in the park.