This isn’t the weirdest gig I’ve ever had, but it had its moments. I was asked by Deb Halpern, PFFS friend, to provide some free music for folks gathering to get their Covid shots at a high school in Lansdale. I said, “Why not?” I’m looking to get out and play, and a two-hour session would be an opportunity to see what condition my condition is in. I changed my strings and headed down for a 12 noon two-hour set.

It was good that a local band set up their sound under a pop-up tent overlooking the parking lot. It made my job much easier. They were finishing up their set when I got there: good guys doing folk-rock material. I plugged in and got started.

It was cloudy with a variable wind, but not too chilly. I shook off some rust and got into my farmers’ market material which, remarkably was still fairly fresh. My guitar playing was solid, again, thanks to my daily exercises for 365. I stayed away from the newer material (I didn’t think I could manage the song sheets in the wind) and the two hours went briskly.

Folks walking by were giving me thumbs up and seemed to appreciate the music – smiles behind the masks. I put out my mandolin case and was able to gather $20 from some folks, and that was enough. I also appreciated the members of the band hanging out to listen. Nothing like having players in the audience to sharpen the wits.

One woman stopped by and asked if I was the person who played Peanut Butter on TV12. I politely said yes (it had to have been me, though I don’t remember TV appearances), and she said her daughter loved the Peanut Butter song. That made my day.

All in all, it was a very nice outing. Folks enjoyed the music and I got in a good practice and shook off a little dust from the old repertoire. And I made $20!