It finally rolled around, my concert with Craig Thatcher at the IceHouse which we recorded back on a Monday, March 22nd. It was a good live session and it was great to see it on tape tonight. The sound and camera work was clean and the IceHouse crew appreciated it. ” You guys played probably the most genuinely free and clean performance we recorded over the past 9 months (and includes the performance of my music hero, Joey Mutis). Lovely, sweet, and delightful. Thank you!”

There were about 60 folks tuned it, not great shakes but enough for a Wednesday night. Nice to see a bunch of friends tuned in, though. I can’t complain. Great compliments all around. I feel really good about it.

It’s nice when things turn out well.

The Set List:

  1. We Are Welcomed D
  2. Souvenirs G
  3. Water of Love D
  4. Pacing the Cage (Craig)
  5. How Legends are Made E
  6. Simple Gifts
  7. Urge for Going (Craig) G
  8. Rosie is a Friend of Mine A
  9. My Old Man C
  10. Lessons From Pete A

The patter went well and I’m glad there was some editing. The narrative seemed to be both loose, and, in toto, told the story that I wanted tell. And Craig, of course, played brilliantly and clean. He’s the best. Yes.

It’s posted on Face Book:

I expect the IceHouse folks to rebroadcast it some time.