It was a cloudy day but temps in the upper 60’s. Good enough. Chatting with the vendors, there’s fewer folks coming to the market the last couple of weeks, though I thought it was wonderful to see folks out at all. Still, not enough to make a living for these folks.

I set up under the pop-up tent with my sound system and launched in. Having done three hours on Friday, this was a relative breeze and I was certainly warmed up. It was a good chance to lay out some of the newer tunes I had put up on FB in the last week: Simple Gifts, Goodtime Charlie, Deep River Blues, and they all sounded strong.

Several families stopped by and I opened up my bag so that the kids could play tambourines, clatterpillars and maracas. I’m feeling better about these opportunities, with the kids distanced, masked and with parents at hand. We had some very nice interactions, and these make the gig meaningful.

One woman gave me a bouquet of flowers out of the blue and the mushroom man tossed a big handful of extra ‘shrooms in the bag. It was a very nice gig, but not much on the horizon for a while.