How exciting! Another gig!

I do welcome these farmers’ market gigs. They give me two hours to work on my material, refresh myself with the tunes that I put up on FB the week before and play for the public.

It was in the 40’s when I began after the first frost of the season the night before. I was a little concerned but I found the chill less onerous than the dryness of my hands. My picks were falling off my fingers and I had a tough time with my flat pick. I asked Angela if she had any moistener and she went out and bought some from one of the vendors and laid it on me. It worked and she gave me the jar. That was wonderful. And, it worked.

Things warmed up fairly quickly and, by the end, I was in the sunshine doing fine. The vendors appreciate what I do – the peanut butter man was dancing while I played I Like Peanut Butter and the veggie lady next to me was chatting with me during the two hours. She also picked out two fine tomatoes and gave them to me as a tip at the end. It’s the little things.

Various folks stopped by to chat (masked) and it was nice to connect with them. Lots of dogs on leashes, dog folk talking with each other. The vendors say business is way off, but still it does the heart good to see people out talking with each other, being normal.

I had new strings on for the occasion and I played well. I picked up tomatoes, mushrooms, peanut butter, sweet potatoes and many masked smiles today, along with a check and some grateful tips. A good way to spend a Sunday morning. I have my last one next week.