This was the first farmers’ market gig for this summer. The Saucon Valley folks started up music a week ago, so I was able to start this Sunday. It was a relatively hot morning but pleasant as I set up at the far end of the library lawn. Vendors were spaced out, as things are these days. Masks were mandatory by all and folks rolled on through to get their veges, fruit and other supplies.

Today, I decided to set up my small PA since my usual up-close routine wasn’t going to work. I’m comfortable these days playing through it, and it’s not overbearing at all. It’s fun playing guitar through an amp.

As I went through my repertoire, a few folk gave me thumbs up and others tossed a buck or two in the mandolin case. Still, not a big moneymakers so I’m glad the market pays me up front. The organizers and a few vendors appreciated the affect. And, as usual, I got to exercise my songs, practice guitar and try to connect as best I can.

One small family cruised through the fruit stand next to me, and while the mom was shopping, one small boy stood there transfixed by the live music situation. So, of course, I played right to him. It was cool. As the mom gather her brood to go home, I offered her my Peanut Butter CD, thinking they would enjoy the music later. I was frankly surprised when she refused and surprised that I took offence myself. Upon reflection, times are quite different now, and I can she how she wouldn’t take any chances by accepting from me. Still, it made me think how society has changed in the last few months, with little social connection and trust.

Still, I was glad to be out playing in the community, outside of my apartment and making a difference in a small way.