I haven’t had much to write about over the last weeks. I’m living a cloistered life on 4th Street, staying healthy and trying to be musically productive with my daily FB postings.

I had been signed up for a summer church service in Hellertown and I was glad that they decided to keep me on playing for their service, though we recorded five or six songs the week before yesterday. I put down some good tunes for them: A Place in the Choir, We Are Welcomed, Step By Step, I Can See Clearly Now, This Little Light of Mine, etc., all for a youth themed suite. I decided to show up for the Zoom to be present, and it was pretty dreadful.

Zoom hasn’t figured out how to share music very well and the videos came out fractured. I even tried to play along on my guitar, muted, of course, to show I was trying. The folks apologized but I understand that we’re all learning how to do this. I did ask that they look into sending out my check soon.

The second gig that fell in my lap was an outdoor set at Camel’s Hump Farm in north Bethlehem, an environmental farm on several acres not far from home. My friend Bill Medei lined it up for the folks on the farm. It called for an hour set at 3 pm in the barn yard (complete with goat), and a few families and supporters of the farm and Bill’s open mike friends showed up.

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with temps in the low 70’s and blue, blue skies. Folks set up at some tables in the court yard and I set up my small amp, mike and guitar and took in the situation. I hadn’t done a gig in months and I had a mixed audience of kids, families, adults and Clarence the goat. The barn swallows were swooping about. There was a lot of input in the old brain.

I started out with a mixed bag of kids and adult stuff and I found myself thinking too much. I screwed up a few lyrics here and there. This wasn’t my A-game. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Clarence the goat.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to be playing in front of people again, as well as interacting with families and kids, in spite of my rust. I missed using my bag of rhythm instruments since precautions need to be taken with hands-on shakers, etc.

I hope to play here every once in a while, since most of my other gigs are gone. Starting from scratch.