This is the first post-lock down gig I’ve had, and, of course, it is a freebie for the local PBS TV station (which is floating in $$). I was asked to be a reader for a potential Bedtime Story series on the station. I’ve done some summer work for the station during Musikfest and was glad to get the call. At first, I wasn’t sure which book to read and I have none on hand in my apartment. But it dawned on me to do The Bear Hunt, which, essentially is a book. Cate, the station’s coordinator jumped at the idea.

I got there around 12:30 today and was led to the green room (already occupied by several women readers) so I socially distanced myself in the hallway. The crew (several camera men) guided me into the studio – a blue couch with boom mike and two cameras. Interestingly enough each of the techs knew me from somewhere, including the Play Guitar with Dave Fry series I did on TV-39 years ago, so I felt in good hands. I like knowing the sound guys….

I launched into Bear Hunt, playing to the main camera, and was rolling along nicely. Knowing that my version has morphed away from the real book, I added a verse, went back and found a verse and eliminated another one, in the moment. I stumbled on the reverse part of the story (damn mud….) and pulled over. Damn. But, knowing the capabilities for editing, we picked up from the denouement and drove it home. The camera man asked if we could do the first couple of minutes again since I seemed to have peaked the mike several times (he was used to mere readers….) and so we did. I think it will turn out nicely, and will be a good addition to the series.

I kick myself with these senior moments. It’s a real thing and points out that I should really prepare better ahead of time. I don’t have the memory chops I once had and being in a different performing situation (no live audience, sterile TV studio) takes its toll.

But, I was glad to get out of my apartment. I took some time afterward to take a walk down the Greenway with my guitar, bang out some tunes under a still blue sky and walk back home. I have to figure out how to make this a regular part of my day.

I don’t know when this will air since everything these dark days is a beta test. Good to have something in the can, though.