The performing arts world has collapsed and we all have to find our way in this new land. Godfrey’s has closed up, other restaurants, music venues, concerts have all shuttered for the foreseeable future and it seems people are making quantum jumps into online streaming services, trying to find some way to continue to make money making music. I feel I’m already behind.

It looks like Troubadour Two will be closed down in April and that was the one creative outlet I had on my calendar. Very few school gigs the spring and few other paying gigs as well. I’m not taking a hit like many of my hand-to-mouth fellow performers since I have low maintenance fees and a monthly SS check. So I’d like to use the TT concert to raise some money (from thems that can afford it) to pay my fellow players at that gig. I was hoping to do some small sessions at Godfrey’s but that has run into some in-house politics and I many not be able to use this very stage that I built. Damn.

It seems that online concerts have risen from the mire and they are laudable. As of yet, I don’t have a camera and only my computer to work with. I don’t have a solid audience to build on yet and don’t feel quite adequate in performing to a screen.

I have several ideas that have popped up, and it’s good to see a creative community spark going on. I’ll have some things up and running soon, though.

I’m glad I have my radio shows to work on, Godfrey’s sound archives to process and the Godfrey’s book challenge ever on my mind. These are very strange times for us all, especially my fellow artists. Collaboration in a vacuum is a very hard thing.

I’m glad to be able to process this, here on this blog.