My good friends Jenn McCracken and Mike Dugan do an annual benefit show at Godfrey’s and they ask me to do a short set as part of the evening. Mike is one of the Lehigh Valley’s premier guitars, and has been for years. He and Jenn have put together a fine duo that covers blues, swing/jazz and classic rock and they do it in a very friendly, folkie way. That’s why it works at Godfrey’s.

I did a four song set in the middle starting off with Santa Assassin as a solo. It always catches the audience by surprise, even though I did it during their show last year. It’s short and sweet and delivers every time. I followed with Zat You, Santa Claus with my vocal trombone (getting the audience to chime in with theirs – what a hoot!). Jenn came up for Mary Had a Baby that rolled very nicely, with audience singing.

I took advantage of having Mike around to play lead on Nadine. I finally have the lyrics and cadence down on the song and Mike did an extended lead, complete with a great distorted ride that kicked the song up a notch. We did a great fade at the end. It was a really good and tight set. I’m good in small spaces.

Not bad for a freebie.