I had a 1 pm set at the America on Wheels Museum in Allentown on Saturday. I’ve done this gig during the summer as well as this holiday show. It’s not particularly well promoted in house, and it’s a bit of a hard sell for families, with a door charge. But I appreciate the opportunity.

There were only three families today – a dad with two sons, grandparents with their two grandsons, and a young family with two children. I was pleased that they all stayed for the duration and came up afterwards to thank me. I gave out CD’s to the families as a bonus.

The museum is quite wonderful and they update the exhibits regularly and today they featured toy firetrucks and several train displays. I like the fact that the volunteers are mostly older gentlemen with “motorhead” experience. They love old cars and I enjoy chatting with them.

Still, a small audience. I hope the staff keeps bringing me back.