I took some FB advice to play with the kids first and work on the song second since they have to play  and burn some energy after a day at school. The three girls Maryalice, Kilianys and Gabriella wanted to jump into the puppets in the bag but settled for the Thunder-tubes. The attendance is pitiful but I’m glad to work with these three girls. They want to have some fun.

Being close to Halloween, I decided we would use them to construct a short play based on walking past a haunted house. I establish Cat Came Back chords and away we went. On the porch of the house were 3 spiders, as big as a guitar. They were doing Fortnight with three dance moves: “T-snake, the Floss and the third one just said, “Taco, taco, taco!!!” I knocked on the door and I heard the Thunder-tubes. When I said, “Ice Cream” they all stopped. I knocked again and the three voices said, “Choc!  O! Lat!” and I said, “I scream for ice cream!” and we all ran away. We called it Spooky House.

It wasn’t particularly literary but the four of us came up with suggestions and the girls had a great time using their imaginations. I invest in their ideas and roll with them. That’s the point of it all.

It was time to start working on writing our song. I had done some homework and we decided to work on the horse-tender verse. This was pretty new for them, and I’m not sure how proficient their reading skills are, but we came up with two verses that have a storyline.

I love horses, I’ll be a horse-tender if I’m able.

I’ll work on the farm, down in the stable.

Put on a blanket and saddle and go for a ride.

Down the hill to the beach by the ocean-side,

Our horse splashes in the blue waves.

We could do this every day,

Back to the barn, I groom my friend’s hide

Wash, brush and dry, she’s my best pride.

Again, big holes to fix but that’s part of the process. We’ll have a chance next week to work on the arrangement and edit. The energy was pretty scattered in the second verse. They really wanted to play with the puppets, play my guitar. I figured we got some work in so I acquiesced.

The puppet play was scattered; they really wanted to run around the room. I tried to get their puppets to play an instrument to little avail. Thankfully, the girls take my suggestions and add their own wrinkles to the creativity and that’s what it’s all about, I guess.

We packed up the bag in time for dismissal and we all headed home at five. The time went quickly because we were involved and I appreciated that they got me out of a funk that I was in.

Next week, we’ll review our verses and try to work on Nurse or Vet.