There’s a change in the weather coming and I was lucky that this afternoon, there was only a misting rain with temps in the mid 60’s. A strong front will be coming in later tonight so I’m glad I got this gig in beforehand. Due to the rain, there were few folks at the market and none settled into the wet chairs. So, it was me and the vendors, and I do know they listen. Deb, the market manager, had a good time and I felt like I was auditioning for more gigs next season. (My beef with this market is the few gigs I get in my own neighborhood. I would think that “locally resourced” would be a plus.)

I played strong. I love the acoustics of this square; it is a large brick box, and, with my small vocal/guitar amp, I sound pretty big. As usual, my 000-15 roared and made for an enjoyable two hours of tunes. I’m glad that I take on these low-pay, multi-hour gigs for the season, and I could feel the difference today. My repertoire is in good shape, my playing is firm and my vocals strong.

I’m going to miss these farmers’ markets over the winter. I’m a better musician for the work.