It’s been slow that last few gigs for my monthly visit to Hackett. Things started off slow with only a few couples at the site. It was going to get colder as the evening rolled on so I said I’d do one set unplugged outside and then head into the shed for the next two hours. So, I banged on guitar for an hour, when my friends the Lucas’s showed up. They were disappointed that there was no food truck but hung out for a while. I eventually headed inside as the sun went down. There was a spectacular sunset over the vineyard.

There were more folks inside as the evening progressed. I set up in a corner and played while the millennial’s tried various wines and beers, with little to no acknowledgement of my music, which was fine with me. I’m there as atmosphere.

One young woman came up with phone in hand and asked for songs from several contemporary artists. I said I didn’t know them. Then she asked if I knew any country artists that her mom like. I only caught Travis Tritt and I said again that I was sorry but didn’t know material from them either. Then she said, “But what do you know?” I didn’t know how to reply.

I finished the three hours, breaking a string on the last song – nature’s way of telling you that the gig is over. I got paid, loaded up the car as a near full moon rose over the vineyard. Again, a spectacular sight.

I do wonder why I do this gig. I have little draw and little connection with contemporary music, in spite of playing a variety of acoustic music and playing it strong. So it goes.