I was asked to throw in my two cent’s worth for the Unbound closing ceremony. I was glad to have a small part in this community gathering. It was held on the Bethlehem City Center between City Hall and the library. I had one little nook among various other activities. I set up early with my bag and guitar and began to engage folks as they began to gather. I was scheduled for 5:30 but started early.

Kids, families, a few adults and some elders as well got the message and we mixed it up. It was nice to see familiar faces float by, giving me the thumbs up. I am comfortable in my role here in this community and people acknowledge that.

I seemed to have forgotten that I have a version of Baby Shark in my repertoire so I played it a couple times tonight. I actually have a strong guitar part for it and it a better song than I had remembered. And kids and young parents latch on to it.

The ceremony was good, candles were lit, music played and the actors from the various shows summed up the strong points of the festival. I’m proud of my fellow artists in this community.