I finally got to meet my grandson Jaysen today, five days into his new life. He was presented to me by the loving hands of my son Jaimie. It was quite a moment. Jaimie is a very big man and his delicacy and deft handling of his son was, upon reflection, a lifetime instant. He trusted me and, frankly, it has been years since I did for him, it was a flash in time.

I had orange lights on my car for the last two days, and, with advice from my auto guys, I decided to make the trip a day later than what I had wished. (The grandmoms beat me to it.)  I picked some dahlias from my friend Sharlene’s oasis, drove down to Mt. Laurel, NJ and checked in on time at 1 pm.

I quickly arranged the flowers in a vase and soon Jaysen was placed in my arms: still asleep and simply beautiful in his being. I was able to thank both Chelsy for her courage and strength and Jaimie for sharing these moments with me. Jaimie and I chatted about the Eagles, the birth, etc. (as men do) as I absorbed the wondrous and tiny being in my arms. Precious lips, hands, chin, cheeks, closed eyes and a delightful squirming. I do remember this.

Jaimie and Chelsy brought out Jaimie’s birth journal, one that Kim had kept for his first year. I tried to read it while holding Jayden and maintaining conversation with Jaimie. That book was a particularly wonderful excursion into his birth and development , our marriage, Rosalie’s involvement and a very precious time in my family’s life. It was a rich part of my life, and, in retrospect, a defining moment. Family. Love. Amen.

Eventually, as Chelsy prepared for her first post-op doctor’s appointment, Jaimie took me on a tour of modern-day natal technology (you wouldn’t believe….). I got to hold Jaysen again, this time as he awakened. Oh, those eyes. As he begun to fidget, I began to recall the formidable parenting skills of my past. I enjoyed the challenge. I talked to him, conversed, stroked, kissed, hummed and sang to him, with scattered success. Praise the Nuk-Nuk. I have never felt this way before, and yet, I have. This is what baffles me today.

Today, I connected with my grandson and my son, all at the same time. Very sweet.