I signed up for four hours of music today with the Saucon Valley Farmers’ Market in the morning and the LV Fiber Festival in Macungie in the mid-afternoon. Both were two-hour sets of informal music for the passing crowd and a good way to recover from the less-than-satisfying gig in Trenton the day before. I was still bushed from that gig but headed out to Hellertown around 9 am.

Another beautiful day with temperatures headed to the upper 80’s. I set up in the middle of the market today, with vendors on all sides for a change and started in. With few kids at this hour I was able to work on my adult stuff, pound the guitar and hit the ground running. It felt good. A few kids stopped by for a song or two, but, over all, it was a light traffic day. Still, there are lots of familiar faces who walk by, a couple of fan-kids and fan-adults who are delighted that I play at this farmers’ market.

One elder woman stops by who lives nearby and always buys a CD, kids’ or not. We’ve started a conversation about her stalking me, and we chuckled about that today. She claims she didn’t know I was playing today. That’s the beauty of playing locally. The vendors also appreciate the music throughout the gig and that’s pretty cool, too.

I packed up around 11:30 and had about a hour to recuperate before heading to Macungie.