Yes, folks call me crazy but I was looking forward to some time tooling to CT for a three-hour set on the Madison Green. I was glad that the weather has broken I could play in cloudy 70 degree weather for a change. The traffic wasn’t bad for a Friday afternoon and, unlike past years, I’ve gotten to the site with time to spare. I used that time to change my Philly Folk Festival sweated-out strings for today’s gig. Big difference.

I settled in while the Elite stacked up at the fish vendor before the market opened. I started by playing I Heard It Through the Fish Line which gathered absolutely no tips. The Elite blow in and out and only a few folks note what I’m doing and how I’m doing it as they cruise through the market. Some of the vendors do appreciate what I contribute to the atmosphere.

Three kids came up right away, familiar faces from past gigs and the older girl said she missed me (it’s been three months since my last gig in late May), and that was cool. Several other families stopped by and hung out. Now that I have a new shipment of I Like Peanut Butter in, I gave out several to families who take time to interact with their children. A passel of girls spent some good time playing with scarves, dancing under the big ole tree. It’s these small moments that make the gig meaningful for me and make the time flow quickly.

I had the chance to try some new tunes that I need work on, and that’s part of why I enjoy farmers’ markets.

It was a relatively smooth trip back and got to absorb the music of a few folks that blew me away at Philly, only a week ago. What a difference a week makes! Playing the Philly Folk Fest and then playing under an old tree on Madison Green a week later. That’s okay by me.