Having survived the trek to CT and back on Friday, I was pleased to have to travel 5 minutes across the Lehigh River for this one. The weather has been spectacular and my apartment finally ventilated the stale and damp atmosphere of the last three weeks.

The Rose Garden FM is a small but neighborly event with a smattering of small farm stands, peanut butter, pasties, goat cheese and a few others. I set up early and found time to change a few strings. No use fighting dead strings when I have two hours under a big ole tree on a Saturday morning.

I’m similar to a magician who does close-up magic when necessary but can do the big tricks as well. There was a lot of close-up today and that’s fine. Various parents with small kids took time to spend with me and the music while the other folks were pulled along by their fancy dogs across the lawn. Tai Chi folks were a fifty yards away doing their motions. It was a good two hours in the park.

Again, one of the market managers came over and said that my music makes a difference.

My tomato vendor saved two nice, ripe ones for me, even though he had sold out. I asked for some potatoes as well and he gave them to me gratis. I said that’s gonna be my chow for the week, and he said that he’s on this planet to feed my soul. Neighbors…..