Today was I was the sacrificial opener for the Centennial Stage at the Allentown Fair. It was a 2:15 pm set on a Wednesday afternoon with kids in school (for the most part). There were a few younger kids and their moms and grandmoms, one couple who came for my adult stuff and so, as usual, I had to negotiate between the kids and the adult material. Sparse crowd, not that I mind. I enjoy the challenge.

Scoot and Samantha stopped by for our annual get-together. They’ve both been personal favorites in my audience since Scoot was an infant. It’s a pleasure to see her grow.

I get paid in tips for this one. It’s kind of my gift to this cultural event in the Lehigh Valley and enjoy being part of my local Americana. I actually get to open for my friend Rachel Schachter for two days and I get to see her grow as a performer every year. I get to chat with one of the security guards, play through a great sound system, check out the antiques and help out my friend Jeanine who books this small sliver at the Fair. The perfect stage mom, and that’s a good thing.

A few mumbles and muffed lyrics but otherwise a semi-professional set at the Great Allentown Fair. I return tomorrow, same time, same stage, different songs.