It was a beautiful day for the the Rose Garden FM as I set up after 9 am. Today was hula hoop day, so a woman set out hoops on the grass next to me. With my bag of instruments and the hoops, there was lots of fodder for the kids. One red-headed girl spent a long time with her mom and younger brother playing with the scarves. She said she pretended that they were confetti and spent lots of time tossing them in the air. It was a glorious display of color.

Mary, the market manager, came over early on and gave me a wonderful compliment. She said that the market simply came alive when I started to play and that even though folks weren’t gathering around me to listen, the music’s energy changed the atmosphere of the market. There ya go.

Not much in tips, but I got me a fine tomato from one friendly vendor for my bagel in the morning.