Yes, I drove up to CT for another farmers’ market. I was half expecting to have it called for rain, and, as I was pulling up to the market, rain was starting to fall. As I asked the market manager what would we do, he said that he had a pop-up tent for me  and that settled that. It was a good thing since there was some rain early on.

But, I started in, this time facing the vendors since there were no families behind me on the green. As I played, several kids stopped by and we played. One precocious boy that I know to be homeschooling stopped by as his mom did some shopping. At one point, while I was talking with a fellow performer, he blurted out, “When are you going to die?” That was rather rude and a little hard to process off the bat. Thanks, kid.

Several other players stopped by and tossed a couple of bucks into the mando case. One fellow talked about auto-harps and I talked about Bryan Bowers. Another fellow had just moved to CT from NYC and I said I’d send him info on some of my friends, knowing what I had to go through almost twenty years ago, moving from PA to Madison.

I had felt rusty from not playing a lot recently, so I was glad to have a nice, long session again. It was a good warm-up for my stage gig at Spring Gulch the next day at noon. I was glad I took the drive, got the gig in. The vendors appreciated it as well. I got some nice greens and some goat cheese for the week.

Swift drive back to PA. Get ready for Spring Gulch and the Hackett Winery gig on Saturday. It’s good to be busy.