I was proud of what Steppin’ Out! did at Godfrey’s on Friday night, on several levels.

  1. We played as a band, live on stage, using our wits to adjust to the inevitable quirks of playing in the moment. We were able to pick up on eye-contact, mental adjustments to small mistakes in arrangements and take the mike when the situation demanded. These abilities define the band.
  2. The rehearsals and preparations were very productive, inclusive, fun and professional.
  3. The on-stage humor was extemporaneous, real and quite appreciated by the audience. Folks commented on our humor.
  4.  Though we are not as tight as we were, the audience picks up on the effort that goes on, on stage, in the moment. I’m sure it’s quite a sight to see.
  5. Kris is accepted as part of the band.
  6. Peggy has also active in the band. She has emerged from a shell from several years ago.
  7. Reid’s contributions have barely been scratched.
  8. The “show” is a professional production with good musicianship, great audience interaction, musical diversity in a relaxed presentation.
  9. The audience certainly picks up on the fun we are having, responding as friends on stage.
  10. We are good at what we do and we are very good friends.