I still struggle with aligning my perception of my place in the local music scene with that of other musicians. I was sideswiped by a comment on messenger/facebook tonight that has kept me up tonight and has me writing this before dawn.

“Fuck you’re go write another song about a panting dog or some shit you narcissistic asshole.”

Though it seems to be a drunk ‘tweet’, it strikes home. It came about when I was trying to sell some PA speakers. The gentleman was interested in them and hadn’t got back to me when he said he would, so I nudged him about it and this came out.

It references my version of “I Wanna Be a Dog” and my less-than-serious material. But, when it comes to my performances, I am deadly serious about what and how I do them. I have years of practice trying to bridge the abyss between myself and my audience and I use as many hooks, gimmicks, cheap theatrics as I can to establish a connection. Yes, I often do silly songs. Amazingly, what works for kids also works for adults.

I am not a great guitar player, nor songwriter or singer but I do know I am good at relating with my audience. And I trust my creative skills, my ability to improvise, and regularly take fairly confident leaps of faith as a performing artist. I think some find that arrogant. Far from it; I know where I am on folk music scale.

I’ve had the privilege to meet and watch the best in the business at Godfrey’s, and I have witnessed truly great performers who happen to be great people. I am merely a local scuffling musician trying to stay busy, promote my work on social media in order to let people know I’m still working and looking for more gigs. I also try to do that promotion with a nod and a wink about my small footprint in the scene.

I have come to accept my place, cognizant of my shortcomings but also aware of the hard work and commitment I’ve put in shaping and molding the greater music scene. Most recognize that, but a few don’t. I still scratch my head.