I headed back to the Centennial Stage for my final set at the fair this year, this time at 3:15 in the afternoon. There was a good crowd gathered, this time with more kids than before, so I tailored my set to them. Good interactions with little kids and the preteens, too. The older folks really enjoy seeing the connections.

I had chatted with the lady who was watching over the 4H exhibit across from the stage and she mentioned that she uses some of the songs I play with her 4H’ers over her 20 years working with the kids. And, I dedicated The Barnyard Dance to her and the wilting prizewinning samples on display. As I was playing the songs, she got up and found examples of the vegetables in the song. It was something only she and I got, and it was funny.

I experimented with selling my older CDs as ‘pay as you can’, something I picked up on from Kira Willey this summer. Several of them walked for pretty cheap, but I did sell one to fan family for $10.

It was a good way to end up the summer season.