I’ve stopped wondering why I do this series of Allentown Fair sets, and now just enjoy the challenge of playing for a unique variety of people who are out and about at Ag Hall during the Fair. The Centennial Stage is tucked away near the 4H section with a good PA, nice stage, and wonderful host Jeanine Villano-George. She talked me into doing it for free (potential tips and CD sales) several years ago, but I’ve grown to love the gig.

Today’s gig had the benefit of being inside the air-conditioned Hall on a brutally 90 degree plus day in Allentown. There were some friendly faces, only a few kids and a good crowd of older folks cruising the Fair’s exhibits. Right off the bat I recognized Amy and Alena, two identical twins, and their mom and grandmother.  They invariably show up for my set, this being their 4th year. As usual I had them up for Giants and the audience and I had a kick out of the sisters doing their sister thing.

I did a mixed bag of kids and adult tunes, talked about my new CD and asked that audience stick around for my friend Rachel Marie Schachter’s set following mine. I enjoy engaging with this group of people and there are plenty of chuckles.

Afterwards, I thanked the three generations of women for being there and that it was pretty cool that we can share these moments. The grandmother said that it was hard seeing me grow old, having raised her daughter on my music when I was young. The remark took me by surprise. I told her I was just happy to still be doing this, and, frankly, it keeps my mind young.

I’ll be back tomorrow for another Americana experience.