It was a wonderful Sunday morning with clear skies and warm temperatures. I set up in a pop-up along the walkway of vendors with another row of crafts and arts stringing along behind me.

There weren’t too many kids tooling by so I was able to break out my adult stuff. I struggled with some lyrics today and the new light strings on my Martin didn’t give me the volume and punch that I’ve been used to. Even though things were slow, the vendors nearby really enjoy the unplugged music I offer, often with some scattered applause. I bartered a Troubadour CD with my friend Tom, a potter and old pal. That’s what works in my book.

A sweet Chinese-American girl Kimi stopped by with her grandmother (who doesn’t speak English), wearing a Happy Birthday tiara, a ladybug umbrella and a pink bunny basket. She had hung out with me last month, and this month gave me a page from a coloring book, a bunny drawing and an homemade envelope filled with hand drawn and cut hearts. I was blown away. I asked Kimi if she was the princess or the swan. She said the swan. 

fresh mixed ‘shrooms.

As usual, the two hours flew by, and though I thought I could have done better on the lyrics, it was a healthy practice and I know what to work on this week. I packed up my gear and came back to cruise the market, pick up some mushrooms, a buttermilk biscuit for Sunday brunch and my bartered clay works.