I’ve had the opportunity to play for this company picnic in the past and was invited back for the next generation of children coming through this organization. Larry Eighmy has been gracious to include me in these festivities featuring great food, music, swimming pool and even some large, blow-up slide and bounce tents for the kids at his place on the other side of South Mountain.

I had played here years ago when Larry’s kids were kids. They’re now in college and it was good to see them again. Their generation had outgrown me, but folks in his company are now having their own kids and he asked me to extend the legacy. I was glad and proud to do it.

I set up under a tree and proceeded to mix it up with the kids and young parents who gathered. There were some ‘fans’ from my Village School gigs a few years ago and they had some fun, especially the young girl with the flamingo dress on. She loved to spin around and show her flamingo stance. Other parents with some very young kids had the opportunity to share some new experiences with their kids. I love it when a young child sees live music for the first time, often clapping their hands in joy. Their eyes are riveted on me and my guitar and I play directly to them. Connections.

I did a couple of sets, ate some big ole shrimp and babaganoush. I was treated as an artist should be and I’m thankful for that.