I had a morning set at this wonderful auto show in Macungie, and though I don’t draw any sort of crowd, they hire me as part of their children’s programming. They did move my ‘stage’ to the middle of the children’s play area, put me under a pop-up tent and gave me a sound system. After some torrential rains last night, the day cleared up nicely, and, in spite of some mud, I started out.

There were some folks who came out to see me, so I had some kids and adults to play for and I did a good mixed set of music, involving the general audience. One lad, Noah, was there from last year with his grandparents, and though he was at first hesitant to join in (he’s ‘matured’ over the last year), I was able to poke and prod him into participating and eventually won him over. He came up at the end and was quite chatty; he wanted to by a CD so we settled on Playground. He talked about how he likes to buy CDs of artists he likes (he was wild about his new Styx album – as his grandparents rolled their eyes). So I autographed the Playground one and he made sure I signed it on the cover and on the CD itself.

I took the opportunity to cruise the Packard cars (this year’s feature automobile br

and) and decided to go back after my show to get some pictures of my Martin with some of the vintage cars. I had done the same with my mandolin a couple of years ago, finding a 1923 Buick about the same era as my 1921 Gibson. I found some great shots.

I also got some fine mud stains on my guitar case to help out my folk cred at the open mikes.