here was a critical mass today, with kids, parents, elders plus some neighborhood folks like the local bank, the fire company’s big trucks, the library, etc. The market folks have filled in some of the blank spaces, and, coupled with my music, there seemed to be a center. It was cool to see kids playing with each other, moms talking with each other, dog-owners chatting – just what should happen on a Saturday morning in the hood.

After some water work in Godfrey’s basement, I headed over for my monthly visit at this Northside Bethlehem market. The place was jumping when I got there, along with a fellow playing accordion on the side. Hmm. I was pretty sure I was supposed to play today. Seems he is simply a neighborhood player exercising his fingers.

I set up under the tree and started out with a set of pretty tired strings – humid weather and three long gigs since I’ve changed them. Thud, thud. But the 00-15 is a wonderful tool.

There was a remarkable difference in this session. Normally, folks cruise through and buy wares, walk their dog and take off. Today, folks hung out.

As usual, I mixed it up with a bunch of kids during my set. Two girls spent some good time on instruments and were, surprisingly familiar with some of more obscure songs. I figure they were from Calypso School which I annually do an end-of-the-year assembly.

I got to meet and play for my sponsor, thank him for paying me for these summer gigs. I gave him my Troubadour CD as thanks. The market folks also thanked me for doing this, commenting that they are getting nice responses on FaceBook, et al. Alway nice to know I am appreciated.

Two hour gig only two miles from home. Quite a difference from the day before.

Back to Godfrey’s for some more water removal. Headed to the Philly Folk Fest tomorrow.