Well, I took another jaunt up to CT for my monthly farmers’ market on the Madison Green and the weather and the traffic were fine for this trip. I set up facing the spacious lawn with no one sitting down, only a few shoppers cutting by with their stylish shopping bags of greens, flowers, etc. Eventually a few kids and moms found their way over and we began to mix it up. One young girl was a delight; she hung out in front of me, picking up instruments, dancing along and shaking her hips. Her parents hung out nearby, laughing at her quite remarkable skills for such a young age. I made sure that she got a Peanut Butter CD. It’s these interactions that make my drive up here worthwhile.

It’s a three hour gig, but since I was playing well (definitely warmed up from Thursday’s farmers’ market and gigs at Musikfest), the time goes quickly. I get to roll out stuff that needs work – Chuck E’s in Love is now in hand (long time coming) – and reworking Bird of Paradise and others.

The ride home featured a looming electric storm over Western NJ, so I had a good visual panorama as I was driving the last hour to PA. Intense storm as I went over the mountain into Bloomsbury, NJ. I got back in to town in time to find out that Godfrey’s had another seepage bout that I’ll have to tend to in the morning.