It was a beautiful day on the green in Madison as I set up under the big ole tree with my back to the market traffic and facing the wide open lawn. Perhaps ignoring the multitude of adults ignoring my work is for the best.

Familiar kids came up and played instruments with me as I interacted with the families settling in on blankets in front of me. Three hours of tunes with kids running around the green’s green grass, playing with scarves, shakers, etc. It was a nice sight.

My friend Lou stopped by, after a torturous commute from New Haven and sat under the tree with his dog Percy and took in the atmosphere. I was glad that he was able to see me work my magic with the kids and thanked me for the experience. It also made we wonder why my other acoustic friends never stop by to say hello.

A grand total of $22 in tips – par for the course here in CT. Luckily the drive back to PA was relatively free of stop and go traffic and I made it home in time to catch a lovely young band from Ireland at Godfrey’s. A good tour of CT, all in all.