This is one of my favorite annual gigs – a special needs summer camp in CT. I’ve been doing this one for 10 years or so, so the kids, counselors and staff are primed and ready for my show. We do it in the auditorium of the local high school with lots of room on the floor for the crowd.

You look like a psychopath.

This one was quite orange and recalled Trump.

This group is special for me because the counselors ‘get it’; they have as much fun as the kids, participate in the silliness and songs. It’s actually rare to have summer counselors this perceptive but, I guess it comes with the situation.

Since I’ve been here many times, the kids have their favorites so I roll out Peanut Butter and Jelly, The Cat Came Back and others. I did sneak in I’m Gonna Tell and I Wanna Be a Dog (for Sam), and a special rendition of Down By the Bay with rhymes for the different camp groups (Hurricanes, Dolphins, Monkeys, etc.).

I finished up with All Around the Kitchen with the kids (and counselors) coming up with some interesting dances (my favorite was from a counselor doing the “Water in My Ear” dance, jumping around with his head cocked to the side).

I took time to thank them all and Marleen presented me with some special crayon drawing of me done by the kids. I thanked each one. We finished up with Baby Shark, a camp favorite. I left with a warm heart once again. Camp Happiness!

Off to Louis Audette’s for an overnight stay and Madison Farmers’ Market on Friday afternoon.