My friend Cliff Cole has an annual Greens and Grains backyard gathering and I always enjoy dropping in to play a few songs and graze the food tables. There’s always some new faces there, as well as some old friends, and it’s always good for the soul to not do the gig hustle for a change.

Cliff and Pamela set up a large tent and a sound system and folks come from miles away to play during an early jam time as well as to do short 4 song sets until things wind down around 8 pm. I particularly like the jam session where I get to noodle on guitar and mandolin, not be on stage and enjoy the conversations. I got to play one tune – We Are Welcomed – and it’s a good (and challenging) jam tune.

Things shifted over to the short sets and I settled in with Rich, Rick and Tom so we could converse quietly away from the stage and still listen to the individuals and small acoustic groups. I was particularly pleased when Rolly Brown showed up, having seen him just last week with Girls from Mars. Our paths have crossed over the last 40 years and I really respect his guitar work and general musicality. We share a lot.

Rolly did a nice folky set – not necessarily doing his mind-blowing guitar stuff – and I complimented his choice of material that fit the nature of the afternoon. Tom Walz followed with another fine set. I opted not to close out the afternoon, seeing how I wanted to play while Rolly was still there. I did Don’t Call Me Early, Giant, It’ll Be Me (with Tom on harp) and finished with Lessons from Pete. I played well and got some nice compliments from Cliff, Rolly and others. Lessons continues to surprise people.

I headed out a little after 8 pm, having spent a good afternoon among people who like folk music.