I made the hour and a half drive to St. Peter’s Village for another Pizza Night at the Bakery. The weather was perfect so most of the diners went out on the nice patio overlooking the gorge. Can’t blame them at all, but I’ve learned that I should remain inside if I’m going to get any tips. There were a couple of tables of folks, some regulars for my gigs, for the first hour but things emptied out for most of the second hour.

I play this place for tips, a pizza and some baked goods, but I also do it for the opportunity to play for two hours, working on old and new tunes and simply sit and play guitar and mandolin. Folks like it, as does the wait staff. The owner came up towards the end and threw in $40 – a nice gesture from her.

Several folks came in at the very end, appreciative and engaging. I finished at 9 and they asked for a couple more, one gent offering to throw in an extra $10. Fine. I was partially packed up when another woman asked to play my Martin. I said no, but then said okay while I rounded up my chords. She played Angel from Montgomery so I got out my mandolin and played along acoustically. It was a nice touch in ending the evening in a friendly manner.

I drove back to Bethlehem with some food and some tips. Not too shabby a gig. I like it.