I did a nice library gig tonight with the new summer library theme Library’s Rock. A nice choice and I’ve picked up a couple of gigs this summer with this angle. It’s still a vehicle for my regular material but I involve the kids with the instrument bag, dance and some rock and roll tunes from my repertoire.

Tonight was a cloudy night but no rain on the radar so we went outside the library on the spacious lawn. It was a good choice. Lot of room for blankets, chairs and romp space for the kids. I started with Summertime Blues, armed the kids with shakers and away we went. I Like Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah and I broke out Nursery Rhyme Rock from my first album (I had to relearn it). Things fell in place from there with parents and kids took over the space.

I broke out the scarves for Jelly in the Dish and that provided a nice break from shakers and provided a great visual for the evening. It was nice to see kids utilizing the space of an open lawn to explore with the puppets, scarves and room to move and dance.

One librarian came up and said that her son, now in his 30’s, was raised with my music at the nearby St. Theresa’s School. She posed with a picture with me, and she bought two CDs for her grandchildren to send to her son in Westchester, PA. Generations.

It was a good start to my summer shows and the library folks loved it. It turned out to be a perfect night for music on the library lawn.