I set up this gig with my friend Kris Kehr on bass at Godfrey’s, looking for some sort of presence this summer, especially with a new CD coming out. I, of course, had no product in hand (…next week for sure, Rocky) but perhaps spurred some interest for tonight’s show.  I notoriously have a poor turnout for my sets at Godfrey’s but was glad to see folks come in off the streets before we went on at 8 pm, each a warm surprise.

Kris and I have a long time respect for each other and having his support on stage as a musician and friend means alot to me. Even with just two players, we are able to deliver a remarkably full sound to go along with my esoteric repertoire. He has a chance to improvise and play “lead” on bass, and still sink back into his support position, so he has a chance to express his creativity while supporting my music. Win/win. And the audience digs it.

The first set was well over an hour, which surprised me and seemed to fly by. I played some new and some old tunes, while having the chance to chat about the songs, my kids’ music, my travels and recent gigs over the last few days. The banter among the audience, Kris and myself is worth the price of admission.

By the way, tonight’s door charge was part of Ramona’s summer pricing: $10. I joked that they (the audience) were sitting in the $10 seats.

In spite of blowing the initial song’s (Ireland) intro, I was able to pick up the pieces and deliver some strong music. This Martin still focuses my guitar play, Kris is there to give me space to explore my guitar work, and there is a friendly and appreciative audience for me to react with. This is why Godfrey’s exists on this planet. Welcome to my living room.

We did well, got a prolonged ‘ovation’ at the end and finished with a very raucous Giants to send the mob back onto 4th Street satisfied, if not foaming at the mouth.