I particularly enjoy this farmers’ market. It centers me on a Sunday morning, connects me to vendors and the passing community, and I get to play my stuff for two hours.

Today was particularly light on the kids spectrum so I got to stretch my adult material. I was able to fine tune some songs I need work on, get serious with my guitar and play to the ether. Even though the market was slow early on, my songs evoked some nice response from the surrounding vendors. That’s quite appreciated.

I took time to appreciate the vendors who put in a lot of time and effort for very little bucks. We’re in this together. I thanked the lady next to me before we started for her artistic display of her veggies. She thanked me for me eye.



As always the time flies by, there are nice interactions with young kids and their folks at an intimate level, and folks appreciate what I do. Lemonade, cool mushrooms as vendor tips. A wad of $1’s for laundry. And I’m done at 11 am on a Sunday.

Home to recoup from a long weekend of gigs.