I headed back to Marvine ES for my second session with my 5th grade class. They had just gotten back from a field trip so they were pretty rammy on a Friday afternoon. We launched into review our two verses and I decided to add some movement to them and we came up with some cool stuff, dance moves, etc. Rather than push ahead with completing another five new verses, I figured that this type of engagement works just as well.

We did knuckled down to write another verse to We Gave Names to the Animals and we decided to do one on a warthog. I did my homework and looked up some fun facts. We came up with another good one.

I saw an animal with four boney tusks,

It has a disgusting snout and a stinky musk.

I think I’ll call this animal a wart hog.

Living the life wallowing in the dark bog,

Next week, I have a Wednesday session with the kids and we perform on Thursday, opening for their school’s production of The Lion King. These kids are chatty but, for the most part, are creative and fun. I’m having a blast working with them.