I really enjoy my sets at Flint Hill Farms every spring and fall. Dave Reber puts together some of the Godfrey’s regulars to donate their time to this educational farms’ open houses. They bring out the wagon rides, sheep shearing, chickens, etc for families to take in, and I get to play in front of the horse barn with a couple of bales of hay for seats. I try to engage folks as they trundle by and eventually get to mix it up with some kids, parents and grandparents.

Today was the first sunny day this week so I particularly enjoyed playing to the clouds floating by until some folks stopped by. The farm crew appreciates the music as they go about their open house chores, and that’s good enough for me. I get paid in goat cheese as a bonus.

One little boy came up to sit next to his granddad who was playing Thunder Tube with me. Eventually, the lad wanted to play it as well. He was enthralled and wanted to play it on several songs. As we finished up one songs, he stuck out his had and dropped it right into the pile of instruments – it was a perfect “mike drop” and completely broke up the family and myself. Not bad for a 3 three old.