I was signed up for a Madison Farmers’ Market on Friday afternoon, and it meshed with my NJ gig in the am. On Wednesday, the outlook was 100% rain so I informed the market that I wouldn’t make it, but the forecast changed and I emailed them that I would make it instead.

So, I set out for CT with some time to spare (for a change) and took some time to tour around my old home town, check out the LI Sound and some of the rather posh areas of the Shoreline. As I pulled up to the Madison Green, I noticed that another guy was setting up a sound system and guitar. I knew I screwed up. So, I headed back to PA before the start time of 3 pm. Not a problem but a breakdown in communications.

Unfortunately, I hit Friday traffic through out CT, NY and NJ and the trip was slow and torturous. I was lucky I had the cuts from my CD in hand so I spent some quality time listening to my project.

When I got back to Bethlehem, there on my email was a note from the FM manager saying that he had found a replacement for me. No kidding. But, I simply thanked him for finding him and that I was looking forward to returning in June. It is a $100 gig and I learned my lesson. Phone call….