This was one of the invisible gigs I get every once in a while. Arts Quest has a regular Saturday morning family event that I get to play every several months and this one fell into my lap, almost as an afterthought by the Steel Stacks folks. I was glad to pick up some $$ before my hip operation in 10 days or so. I invited John Christie to join in, as he often does. We found out that there is a three day Blues Festival going on at the site (we had done this last year as well) so we knew we would be a blip on the radar.

There was no sound or sound man there when we got there, and eventually someone came down to hastily set us up and, nick o’ time we were ready to roll at 11:30 to a very small crowd. We led off with Shovelin’ which has a nasty blues feel to it, just to establish our blues cred. (One granddad commented on it at the end of the show.) The area wasn’t set up to encourage the kids to come up closer and there never was a critical mass of folks to make it work.

We struggled to do the hour show, and, though there were some familiar faces there for us, it was a tough slog.

Tonight, I’ll open for Tony Trischka at Godfrey’s for the Members Concert where I’ll have a listening audience to work with.