We hit the road at a very un-rock and roll time of 6:30 am for a

Rosalie Fry

school in Wyckoff, NJ – northeastern part of the state. Amazingly, we always get there in time.

It was Decades Day at the school. We remembered doing this several years ago, and the principal commented that the teachers had requested that we return.

Classrooms were set up for each decade and PTA moms dressed up for each room. I was welcomed by Rosie the Riveter when I came in at 8 am. Eventually, flappers, women’s baseball players, hippies, etc. showed up and surprised the kids at the front door when they came in. The faces were wide with delight. It was quite a day for the kids and a great way to teach some American history in a cogent way.

I was able to shape the show more finely with this information and was glad to be able to link with the school’s theme. It was a great show. We played well, the kids and teachers hip (and my hip wasn’t bothering me today) and there was a whole lot of shakin’ going on.  The educational/cultural quotient was off the charts today.

An hour and a half drive back to Bethlehem (before noon!!), listening to mixes for my new album. It was great to be on the road as a performing musician today.

Steel Stacks tomorrow morning with my friend John Christie. Think Locally.