Ramona informed me that I should serve as the honorary emcee and opening act for the annual Godfrey’s Members Concert. Tony Trischka and Bruce Molsky were the main act, and Tony has always been one of my favorite artists to play here.

It was a full house of folks who really support the club, and it was mighty fine to walk out on that stage in front of this audience. I tasked myself to do two songs and led off with How Legends are Made, an appropriate tune connecting John Gorka, Stan Rogers and the legacy of the club. I followed with Stan’s Giant, and wrassled with the open tuning (close, but no cigar) and folks appreciated the set. I introduced Tony and Bruce and headed off stage. Job done. A small gig but in front of people that matter.

Tony and Bruce did a great show and it was gratifying to see a full house of Godfrey’s regulars listening to two fine folk musicians in this space. I never get tired of this experience.