These are always fascinating evenings and this one was particularly interesting. Two relatively new women exploring the singer-songwriter field but with different life experiences. Jordyn Kenzie is a Charter Arts School student but has been writing songs and poetry since she was twelve, but has gathered herself quite remarkably in on-stage poise, as well as vocal and songwriting chops. Rachel has a decade more experience and is beginning to perform in some East Coast folk venues and has a history here at Godfrey’s.

Between the songs, I guided the conversation to “owning your stage presence”, working in the studio, vocal lessons, singing in Old French, etc. and both stepped up with intelligent comments and reflections. This only happens during these DNO sessions. 

At the end, I commented that it would be wonderful to hear these two women on this stage twenty years from now. I’m sure they will be crafty performers.

Another moment at the end: I asked each to comment on what they liked about each other’s music. Jordyn said, “That voice!” She loved Rachel’s quirky persona and her strong songs. Rachel loved Jordyn’s fluid voice and confident presentation and songs. It was a particularly wonderful moment.

As usual, a sparse turnout for an engaging evening. I even got to play a few tunes myself.


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